Monday, 15 February 2010

sneak preview

No parcel again today oh well we will have to see if the postman delivers
my valentine box tomorrow from America.
As you may know i had taken part in cathys valentines swop over at
it was so much fun and a new challenge for me.I was a little upset i had not been able to publish our boxes yesterday as we both have not recieved our parcels as yet Valerie sent hers out 12 days ago and i 8 days ago i supose it takes a while overseas its such a lovely feeling waiting for something special to arrive.
Here is a sneak preview of the box i sent out just to tease you all a little

Now then pleaes make your self a coffee and take a hop over to the following blogs to see the wounderful valentine swops that everyone recieved from cathys amour valantines swop  partners.

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phew i managed to get all the links in.I have hoped over and seen all the fantastic boxes and treasures that was inside each box but was too excited to get to the next blog to leave a comment so i shall be returning over the next few days to say hello to every one.You arre all so very talented ladies and it has been a great adventure see you all soon and may be i will have some news on our boxs soon.
take care love tracey xxxx


  1. Hi Tracy! I'm sorry your box hasn't arrived yet. That must be so frustrating! I'm sure when it arrives it will be beautiful and well worth the wait. Have a wonderful day!

    My Desert Cottage

  2. Tracey.....I can't believe you haven't gotten your box yet. I am so mailed on the 2nd. Yikes....well, I hope you will love it when it does show up.
    xxoo Valarie

  3. Oh my.. It will surely get to each of you soon. Did you have a tracking number on the packages. Tracy thanks for your comment on my bunny paper mache.. Yes it was my first.. and i uses a new type of paste that you make and it is called paper clay, that way you don't have to use the strips of paper ad keep layering them.. It was fun.. but messy..

  4. I hope you receive your box soon! Can't wait to see what you got... thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Hi Tracey! I your blog background! Thank you for stopping by! My son was in England a few semesters ago to do a term at college there. I tell you this because he couldn't find his Bible when he left for the airport, and {Because he's in Seminary} he really wanted it. I found it under something in his car and mailed it. It took forEVER to get there! I think well over two weeks. Whatever happened to airmail? I sure hope your packages arrive soon! It was a lot of fun wasn't it?

  6. P.S. I see that you are a Vintage Housekeeper, too! You're the first one that I've run into, in all of bloglaand!

  7. Hi Tracey just popped by to say HI and to thank you so much for leaving a sweet comment on my means a lot! I'm loving your background with the roses and print. Have a wonderful weekend friend!



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