Thursday, 7 May 2009

good evening x
I was so thrilled to see that i had my first 3 comments on my new blog. Thank you so much it was lovely to hear from you.
I've sat at my craft table for a couple of  hours now and all i have done is stamp a few of my new bird stamps water coloured them and then played around with by changing the colour and edging them. im in love with derwent matalic water colors at the moment especialy blue and red. the red looks like a pink.
Im going to mount them on an embossed white card using cuttlebug dot folder and tie on a ribbon and attach a bug tag to ribbon.something very simple.
Still no camera but i think thats ok as your imagination is propably much better than how my card will turn out. lol.

As usual ive been in blog land today and woow isnt there alot of very talented crafter out there.  knowing what colours to put with what takes me for ever. Do you think that these clever people have had some kind of  art education? OR am i just frustrated cause i cant learn quick enough?

best go and clean my area up now before our little prince returns home else he be trying to stick everything to his jumper again.


  1. Hiya Tracey

    Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the wonderful if not incredibly addictive world of blogging, it should come with a warning though because once you start blog hopping that's it your!!! and yes there are some truly talented peeps around.

    I'm really sorry to hear that your camera has been stolen, how awful for you. I hope you will soon be able to sort out a replacement because the card your in the middle of making sounds lovely, as do those Derwent metallic pencils.

    Enjoy Blogland, I'm sure you'll "meet" loads of wonderful girlies along the way, happy crafting, have fun with your new Magnolias xx vicki xx

  2. Welcome to blogland, I've really enjoyed my first visit to your blog, I look forward to future posts. Mandy x

  3. Tracey you sound like me. I find myself blog surfing more often than creating. I'm always in awe of the things I see out there and your work is no exception to the beautiful works of art. Keep it up you are doing a great job of giving us beautiful eye candy.


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