Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Its been a while

Im so sorry i have been a bad blogger.Thought id have a good play last week while my little chap was away but best plans and all that,i lost my drive and just moped around nursing my aching heart.He came back with a new sentance discoved it whist i was taking his beaker off him, as he was doing the usual spitting his drink on the floor routine,so he could play puddles and said "what did you do that for."stunned and trying not to laugh as it was the first question he had ever asked me, i said because you will get wet.Im still chuckling to my self he has just turned 2.
anyway on to a few cards i made over the last few days i thought you may like to see them.

cor lots to show you once again my cameras not doing a very good job on picking up the right colours.
thank you for stopping by today.
please leave a comment so i know you have been here.
Angel wishes tracey xxxx


  1. Beautiful cards Tracey.

    Aren't kids funny, they come out with all sorts of things, and they never stop. My two are 8 and 7 and they still come out with them.

    When out one day over the summer we were looking at a big town map, you know the ones that say "You Are Here" and my 7 year old said "How does the map know where we are?"

    That one was a classic!!!

    Have a good evening.


  2. Wow darlin im pleased to see you back ive missed you. These area all beautiful. your so clever, Yes little ones say the funniest things, seems like a long time ago now for me, mine are 22 18 and 16, mind they still come out with some corkers lol, Hope your ok huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. wow! I love your Tilda card in this post! beautiful and lovely coloring!
    Pam Going Postal

  4. oh my goodness Tracey these are sooooo pretty!!! Absolutely love your designs and they are so elegant!!!! Beautiful cards, so glad to see you around...Hugs!

  5. Glad you're back, it's been worth the wait. love the cards, especialy the third one. Very classy.
    Sue x

  6. Oh these are beautiful, you have a lovely blog.

    Jan x

  7. oh what gorgeous cards, love the elegance.

  8. Wowww Tracey is back! And how....i love them did a great job.

  9. Oh Tracey your work is amazing...this card is stunning! I love visiting your blog...


  10. Love your sweet cards.


    barbara jean


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