Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Have you had enough of me this week yet??lol. I have been in a creative mood.Its been so long i seem to be making up for lost time these past few days.
Bill knows what im like once i start so he makes himself busy doing things around the house he even cooked dinner tonight he is a real gem.well if he hadnt i dont know what time we would have eaten the tme just flew by.
And heres why.

i made 5 more plus i have a decrative cone i made at the weekend wich i will show you over the next few days.I need to start selling them again to fund my craving for some new stash but i m not that keen on that side of things it takes too long to make boxes and pack them and ohhh more mess lol.
Best go and have a clean up of my craft desk before i hop into blogland for a few hours.
angel wishes love tracey xxxx


  1. Enough of your creations NOWAY these are sooooo gorgeous!!! Beautiful flowers and Ribbon on these!!! Stunning work girl!

  2. Oh this are wonderful, keep them coming Tracy.

  3. Hi Tracey

    Three beautiful pieces of work.

    B x

  4. i don't exactally know how I found you, going here and there and back again and linking an looking..but I'm glad I DID did find you :-) Your work is really pretty and I can't wait to look back at whet else you have for me to drool over :-)

  5. Wowwww Tracey,what a beautiful cards,i love your images and details.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. You have such a creative mind. You have done fantastic job. Amazing... I like all cards.All cards color combination, creativity is so nice.

    1. Such a nice design card.Images are decorate on the cards.It really great thing.It look amazing and different from others.Cards theme are so impressive.

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  7. This cards are very nicely design by Tracey. Your card color, design and image is really very beautiful.

  8. Tracey you have done very nice card its like photo frame. I really like this card.


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