Sunday, 2 August 2009

ohhh woooow

Oh my i just popped on to hop over to all my fav blogs as you do and ohhhhhh my I WON a blog candy and a very special one at that. cant believe it im so excited..This beautiful tote ally pocket tote is going to be made for specially for me.
It will be my pride and joy thank you so much sarah. Please visit her over at and see her wounderful creations.
What a week i have had first an award and now candy woooooow.
Sorry havent been around this week my tooth still playing me up and my dentist isnt back till tuesday.


  1. Tracey that is so exciting!! Lucky you girl this is beautiful!

  2. Tracey you lucky lucky thing, I just loved this candy, guess I will have to dig deep into my pocket to buy one....GRR. Congratulations hope you enjoy using it. Hugs Avril xxxx

  3. Hi Tracey, congratulations i envy you. First award and first candy it can't be more beautiful! O dear i forget your touthache i hope your dentist can help you soon because i love the see more of your stunning cards.

  4. Hi Tracey

    Congratulations on a wonderful week (toothache aside).

    Love Jules xx

  5. Think I just lost my previous comment so will leave another in case lol.
    Wey hey!!! Well done on your much deserved win, what a lovely prize.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog they are really appreciated. The baby has still not arrived. We are back to see the consultant in the morning as Faye is profoundly deaf and has had dislocated hips, so they need to keep an eye on things. I am expecting them to give her a date and admit her before the end of next week. I will certainly be blogging when the baby arrives, well as soon as I can pick myself up off the floor lol.
    Sue x

  6. Wowww Stacey,what beautiful,i love the images and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  7. Congratulations, lucky you, hope the tooth isn't too painful

    Chris xx

  8. well done on winning the candy and thank you for entering my candy.. good luck. hugs rachxx


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