Monday, 3 August 2009

From a dear friend Wilma

Oh my goodness did i cry this morning when the postman delivered me this fantastic parcel from my dear friend Wilma from the netherlands.Wilma i can not thank you enough.Your are so very kind i love every single thing it it.I am so very very lucky to have met you.Thank you.Your card is amazing you are very talented truely you are.

The detail and colours are amazing look at the hand water colour detail on the front.

And the fantastic use of die cuts in side

And a very personal message to me

This is just a bit what was in the box it doesnt show the great selection of papers that there was in side.

I met wilma in blog land a couple of months ago and through our cards and emails we have become great freinds.I am so lucky.
Please take a hop over to her sight Where you can see her amazing work.

No cards from me to show you again from me im afraid.I was dignosed with swine flu yesterday and am layed up in bed so it looks like i will not be able to get my tooth sorted again for another week.I feel so sorry for my family at the moment im like a bare with a sore head not being able to sleep makes it worse.And worse still not being able to go down and play with my little prince.I can hear him chatting away and it breaks my heart.
off to see if i can sleep now.Please dont forget to pop over to wilmas blog.

Catch you all when im better


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