Friday, 7 August 2009

Thank you all for your lovely emails and well wishes.I am now feeling much much better.But what a week i have had.
I may have mentioned that i came down with swine flu and on top of that i had been suffering with a filling that i had had done from the previous week.By monday i was screaming the house down you can imagine,no dentist would even see me because of my flu but on Tuesday after lots of begging on the phone i was told ok ,she would do it .
When i arrived i had to call the receptionist to say i had arrived and then i was greeted by what looked like a green alien all gowned up with protective riot gear on and wellies and taken through the back entrance where the corridors had been cleared.
Apparently i had been the first person to receive treatment with swine flu and they had had no training .Trust me lol.Tooth is now out. yipppppppeeeeeeee. They were so very lovely.I even got a follow up call the next day from the boss lady (who took my tooth out) to see if i was ok. Blesssss what great service.
I made a card today so i must be feeling better.I will be posting it in a while.


  1. Oh my Tracey what an ordeal but I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and your MOJO is definitely back....your Magnolia card is so adorable!

  2. Hi Tracey, great to see you are back and that you are feeling better now! What was worse the flu or the toothache? I hope your family has not infected.You don't have to worry about your craftskills your card is so beautiful!!! I love the soft coulours and what a nice punch did you have to make such lovely leaves. I think i need to do some shopping. lol
    Its great to having you back!!!!
    love x

  3. Tracey this card is darling. I love the softness of it. Your coloring is beautiful.
    Hugs xx

  4. Put your link in! so now (a bit late, but better late then never!) there's some thing on my blog for you, you should find it



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